Boating US&Canada App Reviews

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So far so good.

For my purposes this app is perfect. I mainly use lake Couchiching and Simcoe but I head up to the swift every now and then. I purchased both the nav and map options and use them both all the time. Some soundings are off, but then again the water level changes by 2 feet from Spring to Fall and I dont need a whole lot of accuracy there. So all in all, worthy purchase.

No need to buy charts!

Great app. Accurate and helpfull.

Amazing! Use it all the time

Always accurate, easy to use and I love the marinas section


Replaced my handheld GPS with this app! Works perfect in out of cell service areas! Runs flawlessly and very accurate! Thanks to everyone at Navionics who put this together!

Not good at all

Doesnt have any lakes I fish at not verry happy waste of 15$ ...

Auto-routing doesnt work for Trent Severn Water Way

Auto-routing doesnt work for Trent Severn Water Way went routing from different lakes.


This is an awesome app! I went from a 26 boat with a good navigation suite to a 14 for lots of ocean and lake fishing. This app is a PERFECT replacement for my smaller boat. All the info I need at my finger tips.....literally !!! Thanks!


Lousy app. I bought it only to find out the lake I need is not on it! Crap!

Great app!!

GPS position works really good within 5-10ft. Details on the maps are really good havent had any mishaps yet. It does have one of the lakes I wanted(lake Nippissing), but does not have the other 2 smaller but not so small lakes. My only complaint would be the smaller lakes arent even on the map, If they were I would map them myself, but they dont even show on the map( trout lake, lake nosbonsing) north bay Ontario. Where these lake are it just shows roads! Wish they would show, otherwise great app!

Incomplete charts

The navionics app is missing 5 out of 9 lakes in my area. I reside from central ontario canada, in a town call barrys bay which is an hour and a half east of algonquin park. The lakes that are shown arent the ones i even fish. So far if this persists for my area and others its not worth having for inland fishing or unless your fishing on lakes like lake ontario which are huge ...

Wasted $15

App is good but it should list the actual lakes before people purchase this app. It has 0 coverage of my area. Disappointed and out $15

Exactly what I wanted

Good Job gentlemen. Very impressed. Plz continue to add more lakes.

Wasted 15$

Canadian Lakes? Theres literally like 3 contours on Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Lake Huron. Nothing else in all of Ontario/Canada. What a complete scam. Go to hell.


I dont usually write reviews for anything, this app I wanted to say amazing, great job.

What the heck

This app is cool if you only go on huge specific lakes but not to even have hardly any lakes in the provincial parks in Manitoba (whiteshell) or others is terrible. Id be careful and do your homework on which lakes are on here before buying.

Great app

This is a great app for fishing and boating . I have payed more money for digital maps with less option. I highly recommend this app

Too Bad

This used to be a good reliable app. However, the lastest upgrades have made it slow to start, slow to respond after it does start and it locks up completely at times.


Your money would be better spent lighting fires than wasting it on this App. If there was a negative option possible I would have chosen that to rate this App. Worst App Ever!!!

Great application

I cant believe nobody has reviewed or rated this app. It is amazing. There is no way I would have ventured so far boating around the thousand islands without this app. It shows instantaneous direction with a nice long arrow, shows your track so you can return to the starting point, depths, markers. Unbelievable. I dont normally rate apps but my wife said I better so that others can benefit. If you boat, get this app!


What happened to the tides and currents? Another bug?

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