Boating US&Canada App Reviews

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How much did you pay?

This is actually a very good app....but the App Store said the price was $14.99....I thought. I was billed $34.95. Thats messed up.

Not for CANADA

The maps in Canada are horribly inaccurate. Using the app is worse than not using the app.

App crashes

I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I am having an issue with the app crashing after a few mins of use. It crashes when I try and scroll up or down the map looking at areas of concern for navigation. After about a min of doing that the app just crashes and closes and takes me back to my iPhone home screen. This didnt happen on the previous version only the new updated version.

Pop up ads

Im throughly disappointed that I now have to deal with pop up ads every time I use this app that I paid for. Put it back the way it was without ads.

perfect apps!

Love it! works really good Thanks!

They have added in app adds.

They have added in app adds really annoying. Especially as it is a paid app.


Works extremely well and has wonderful details in the charts. Highly recommended.

Works well - looking forward to more data

This app seems pretty nice. The last version had issues that made my position jump every few seconds. Its more stable now. My only gripe is that I would like to see more data in less traveled areas. Hopefully this fills in as people use it and upload their sonar data. Of course, once I get my fishfinder/gps, this will be redundant. Not a big expense for the security of a backup charting solution.

Take out the ads

Great little App. It was far from cheap. Please remove the third party advertising from the latest release.

Wasted $15

The lake I plan on fishing in Canada is not included.

these guys remove features to make you subscribe

The app itself is fundimentally solid. The bean counters at Navionics have decided that having tides built into your chart plotter is a premium feature, and now want you to pay $8 a year for a feature that has been part of the app for years. Nice Upgrade guys! I wonder what they will remove from the core app next. Not Impressed.

OK, but ...

Too expensive. Look for cheaper alternatives ... they exist.

Great app - even without map updates

I use this app frequently and used it to get from Rhode Island to Kingston - great all the way. I didnt buy map updates, but can still download maps anytime. Not sure if Im treated differently because I purchased before map update options, but my sense is that my map downloads are not back from the date I purchased the app.


Very accurate!! A must have, have had this app for 4-5 years now and cant imagine boating without it in Georgian bay! Great app.

good with some issues

I have been having issues dating this app… I have contacted the developer (who has been very responsive) but we still have not fixed the problem… i tried to delete the app and reinstall but that caused a second purchase.. so i have bought it twice!!!

Thieves! Zero Stars.

I bought this app two years ago as a stand-alone purchase. Now Navionics has unilaterally decided to change our original agreement to a subscription model. THIS IS FRAUD! Find an alternative to these scum suckers.

Navionics US & Canada

Fabulous.. Perfect for the Northern Pacific coast.


I dont even wanna give this a star. In all honestly it lacks for lakes in Manitoba, or atleast some of the popular lakes in Big Whiteshell and Nopiming Provincial Park. A waste of 16.99$ indeed and then want another 16.99$ when the subscription expires? Lol. Yeah maybe if you add more lakes! Waste of time.

Navionics Apps

The Apps have truly been a huge waste of money and a great disappointment. I have spent hundreds of dollars on these apps and their chips for depth finders. I purchased the App for Canada and US which now you have to purchase annually but it was not the case when I purchased the App originally. I purchased the annual upgrade two months ago and it is now asking me for another $16!!

Best Ive found

Love this app. Full offline downloaded maps. Ive used this app a bunch of times and it works every time. Love making routes waypoints on the Chesapeake where there is close to zero cell service most of the time.

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