Boating US&Canada App revisa

Feature Request

First of all, this is a great app. Very user friendly and accurate. Run it on an iPad independant of all other electronics. Love the sonic charts when in tricky passages. Requests: 1- Would really like to have an option to select Magnetic Headings mode. All other equipment operates in this mode. 2- Secondly, would like to be able to shut off the function whereby a screen touch automatically creates a route waypoint. This is very irritating when touching the screen for other reasons ( even a longer activation delay would do it ). Love this product and stake my 54’ yacht on it !!

Does not support Apple Watch.

Excellent app but does not support Apple Watch. Spend a few more dollars and get auto routing. The community editing feature is great.

Excellent charting software

I use your Boating US and Canada as an avid boater throughout the Great Lakes and Florida. Would like to see AIS functionality incorporated in future. I use this app as a redundant charting tool with my other Navionics based charting instruments.

Do NOT download

They removed free access to automatic routing! A sleezeball move to get more subscribers and screw those of us who enjoyed functionality after buying the app.

Buyer beware

Like the other reviewers, I purchased this app a few years ago and use it all the time; especially when scouting new lakes. The company realized they could make more money and claim they sold us a subscription which expired (although there was no mention of it being a subscription when it was originally purchased). If they have done it once they will probably do it again...


Twice I have paid full price and had my charts 'expire', blocking me from updating or loading the area I've paid for. It's not ok. I am a pro boat captain, all oceans.

Was a better app before last update

Was5 star now 3. Yesterday I was using this app with sat overlay and using its topo feature to confirm its placement. Today I updated, and you have to pay for the same old features. I'm not sure I like an app that's getting less features in its updates. Been a user for 3 years now. What's the deal? Currently browsing for other options.

UI is Ok; continuously uses data in background

UI is Ok; continuously uses data in background even when I've force closed the app, which burns battery and, well, uses data. They only provide the option to Always use data or Never, whereas most apps give a middle option. Screen lags and glitchy.

Navigating Alaska Waters

I found this app to be very helpful when navigating the coastline of Southeast Alaska. I live on Prince of Wales Island and use this application every time I go out. When first using it I was surprised to find how accurate was. I use it to avoid shallow water and hidden obstruction as well as for tracking my course and speed. This app has many other features including weather and tide

How much did you pay?

This is actually a very good app....but the App Store said the price was $14.99....I thought. I was billed $34.95. That's messed up.

App crashes

I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I am having an issue with the app crashing after a few mins of use. It crashes when I try and scroll up or down the map looking at areas of concern for navigation. After about a min of doing that the app just crashes and closes and takes me back to my iPhone home screen. This didn't happen on the previous version only the new updated version.

Pop up ads

I'm throughly disappointed that I now have to deal with pop up ads every time I use this app that I paid for. Put it back the way it was without ads.

Works well - looking forward to more data

This app seems pretty nice. The last version had issues that made my position jump every few seconds. It's more stable now. My only gripe is that I would like to see more data in less traveled areas. Hopefully this fills in as people use it and upload their sonar data. Of course, once I get my fishfinder/gps, this will be redundant. Not a big expense for the security of a backup charting solution.

Take out the ads

Great little App. It was far from cheap. Please remove the third party advertising from the latest release.

Wasted $15

The lake I plan on fishing in Canada is not included.

these guys remove features to make you subscribe

The app itself is fundimentally solid. The bean counters at Navionics have decided that having tides built into your chart plotter is a premium feature, and now want you to pay $8 a year for a feature that has been part of the app for years. Nice Upgrade guys! I wonder what they will remove from the core app next. Not Impressed.

Best I've found

Love this app. Full offline downloaded maps. I've used this app a bunch of times and it works every time. Love making routes waypoints on the Chesapeake where there is close to zero cell service most of the time.

Amazing GPS software

I purchased this app for my ipad and iphone, it is one of the best apps I've ever seen. It is capable of downloading your map area to use offline with GPS while boating. Updates very often. This is a lot better than any GPS I've ever owned.


The current version is failing to download charts for and adjacent to Canada--at least for me. Also made an in-app purchase for charts associated with the Caribbean and South America, and those areas failed to download for me as well.

Ok at best

Over priced for as little lake info you get in Canada. Lake contours are crappy for Lake of the Woods. Noticed that other lakes in Canada have the same problem. Overall I would only recommend this app, for Canada, if a chip is out of your price range. Keep your fingers crossed that the lake you plan on fishing in Canada is even has lake contours.

Liked it

Much superior to the Navimatics app, which I returned due to NO tide information in Canada. Used this up in Desolation Sound and it really helped us.

Can't trust it

Way too many errors to be able to trust it. For instance in Puget Sound off West Point it shows depths of over 2400 feet in the middle of an area surrounded by 700 foot depths. NO other chart thinks there are depths that extreme there (there aren't). A little farther north it shows a depth of 5 feet in another area that is 600'-700' deep. Trust and credibility are out the window.


No coverage for all lakes like it leads you to think. Call them to check before you buy, expensive mistake For me!

No option to navigate with magnetic compass bearings

...must convert your boat's magnetic compass bearing to true bearing and back and forth between app and physical compass on boat, which can get confusing, especially in difficult seas with your hands full. Have mentioned this oversight to company many times to no avail. They don't get it as well as other issues with app they've been unresponsive about multiple times. Wonder if they are mariners. Would not recommend. Would not have purchased if had known basic flaws of app...

Da Best!

I have used this app for more than a year exclusively. It has helped me successfully navigate the Pacific Ocean from SanFrancisco to Hawaii and almost every hawaiian island. It is the best alternative to chart plotters with real time GPS. For $14.99! I couldn't ask for a better navigation aid. I have the app on my iPhone and iPad for one flat rate. Without this app, I may have run aground or got lost many times. Well worth the cost.


I could not navigate the california delta without it. Essential for boating and most useful for fishing.

Gold Standard for iOS Marine Navigation

This is super solid accurate navigation app for iOS. When chartering it's not uncommon to use the GPS version of this software.(moorings in BVI) I really like the auto routing upgrade. I have tried to trick it and it is spot on. Navionics is doing a great job.


Very good cheaper than the GPS version well worth it.

Super detail for such little money!!!

I have been using this app. on my phone for 3 years or more, I've never had a major problem I fish tourny fish all over 4 states Ar. La. Ok. Tx. It's always spot on. I have fish over 100 tourneys at night. Never had a problem ever. I use it 3 or 4 times a week at night in the summer and its never let me down.

Super App

Turns your phone into a fully functional chart plotter and the charts are outstanding. Highly recommended!!!


Use it all the time when planing fishing trips. It's almost like having my chart plotter in my hands at all times

This app is the best

I've been on the water my whole life and this app is simply amazing. Totally works in the tightest of Chanels and scary rocks. Ignore the negative comments as clearly they are written by land lubbers who should not be anywhere near a boat. I use the app in an obscure area in the Great Lakes and the accuracy is phenomenal.


App was absolutely useless when finding depth and structure. I mean it was 20 feet off in a 30 foot lake. Didn't show sunken islands or ANYTHING like that. It did tell me where I was on the lake and the accesses but DO NOT by this app for the sole purpose of finding structure on lakes to fish.


Good depth maps but I phone 5 have to re download it ever time I use it.

Great app

This paired with a LifeProof waterproof case is fantastic. It's a great value for a backup nav tool and I love it for navigating while fishing in the back of the boat with a trolling motor. I've used it all over the puget sound and even offshore off the coast of Washington. Works good. Older versions would crash every once in a while but it only took a second to bring it back up again.

dont buy!!!!!!!!!!

Navionics Support is horrible. They will update the app to a new name and then not support the old app. THEN make you repurchase!!

New version to OS 5

I had this app on my iPhone version 4.3 and it worked wonderful. When I updated my iPhone to OS 5, I had to download a new version of Navionics to run on OS 5. This new version is not accurate and good details of the lakes and bottom contours don't exist for most of the lakes. When will it get fixed? FIXED I've downloaded the Lakes of US & Canada to my new iPhone 5 and the accuracy is fixed and it works great. Daryl

Navionics is ignoring a bug

In the vicinity of Reedville - Smith Pt, VA, as you zoom in the navaids disappear completely. Come on, Navionics, surely you can fix that. Problem fixed, thanks to a very helpful and competent person at Navionics whom I won't risk embarrassing by mentioning her name.

Saved my Bacon and I mean it!

I started runnng the saltwater flats in Jacksonville Fl. I like to fish. I just bought a new iPhone 3GS I just purchased this Navionics app so I could see where I am while fishing. I had little knowledge of the program and with all new things I had not spent much time learning it. To set a number on it about 0 to 1. Yesterday I went fishing up the ICW, hung a right and ran to the mouth of Simpsons Creek. The time is 2:50pm. I started fishing, winds picked up, lightning starts. at what appears to be way out there. It wasn't. I cranked up the boat and started heading back to the dock. The rain came up with so much speed I couldn't believed it. Then the lightning started. The rain was so blinding I couldn't even see in front of me. I now arrive at the ICW and turn left to head back to the ramp.I have never seen a rain or storm like this one. I tried to get the boat on plain to beat the storm. That didn't happen. I am trying to run marker to marker to get back to the ramp. That didn't happen. When I hit the ICW I still couldn't see a thing in the storm. I followed what I thought was the ICW (intercoastal waterway). That didn't happen. I kept going at a slow speed, blinding rain. the waterway kept getting narrower. Odd I thought.. You guessed it! I was lost. I was down at the end of some creek or offshoot. I notice the backend weight on the boat. I pull up the hatch and its full of water. Of course from the storm. I hit the bilge pump. That didn't happen. It's not working. I hit the live well to see if it recycles. That didn't happen. I now have boat filled with water from the storm and no way to get rid of it. The rain lets up. Lightning everwhere. I wander around for an hour trying to get out of this creek. No way! I took a 44oz drink cup and bailed all the water out from the backend of the boat. I didn't pull the iPhone out for fear of getting it wet, it was in the dry storage locker. I get hung up on an oyster bar. That too another 20 minutes to get of it. Pushing with an oar paddle. I break free of the oyster bar, i get out the iPhone. I hit the Navionics app. I hit tracking and everyother button trying to figure where am I at????. I keep pushing the in and out buttons on the map to try and figure it out. Then the red line indicator started blinking and the arrow moving. Huh? Ok. A body of water is to my right. In out , in out. ITS THE CREEK! I slide up and down the map and realize I am at the end of what is called Garden creek. I am not only in the creek, but at the extreme end of it with little or no indications of size. Also shallow water, this is not good. I start heading to the bigger water, following the red indicator line and arrow. It dosen't look to me as if I can make it there. Land or flats cover would prevent it. I just kept following the indicators. The indicator took me everyway that I had circled for hours. But then the large end of the creek and deeper water came up. In out, in out. It looks like I am in the right course. I was. The creek widened, the indicator kept directing me, I followed it right up the creek. Slowly and came to the mouth and ran into some fishermen. They said your in the right directiion just around the corner. I went through the Navionics "shallow water" notes, with the boat slowly. I hit the ICW and ran back to the ramp. Safe and sound. Wet cloths, chilled and all, but safe. To the brethren at Navionics. YOU SAVED MY BACON. I am 70 years old, fish by myself and I don't need getting lost up in creeks i am not familar with. To Navionics "God bless us everyone Tiny Tim". Its a great progam for your iPhone, and may save your BACON! Thanks Guys great job, great program. ontheflats and from the iPhone ontheflatsnow.

Worthless to me

Because you can't specify what charts to download and cache ahead of time (and STAY cached), you're stuck sailing only in areas with cell coverage so you can constantly download the charts you need. We specifically sail in areas that don't have coverage so this app is worthless to us.

Excellent Marine App

Read the 1st review. It says pretty much everything about the GPS side of this app., including suggestions I would also make to Navionics to enhance this product). But there is also much more… wind and tide data for wherever you go, access to pilot guides (under "Magazines') and much,much more…making this a must-have for any serious boater

Needs night time screen!

Great product. I use it every week to navigate the St. Lawrence Seaway / Thousand Island region of New York. I have recommended this app to countless other boaters. The GPS works outstanding. The biggest thing that needs to be improved is a night time screen. Navigating at night the screen is way to bright without substantial dimming. The other thing that would be nice to have (so that I don't need to keep changing between apps) is an AIS locater. This would also help at night so that I can easily locate shipping vessels in the channel. Hopefully Navionics reads reviews and adds these features, but even if they don't I would still highly recommend this product to anyone boating in a large body of water.

Navionics I phone app

Works great. Can pull up info when And where I need it and very accurate and detailed perfect for new fishing spots

Crashes all the time!

I like this as a back up chart, when it works... Which is not very often... I have had to delete it and re install it each time I want to use it... Too bad. Good idea, poorly executed...

Worth every penny and then some

I bought this app because the 33 foot egg harbor I bought had no electronics on it since the seller wanted to keep them. It has literally taken me from Sandusky Ohio on lake erie, to Kemah south of Houston Texas where I am from. This app alone Did that. Incredibly detailed and accurate if you actually know how to read a chart. I cruised 15 miles offshore sometimes and held perfect gps location. Brought me through almost all of the icw and lots of terrible waters in fog and pitch black. Probably has saved my life literally! Worth every penny. iOS 5.1.1 and flawless.


Running 4s with iOS 5.1. App constantly crashes.

Buyers Beware!!

GreatApp and was even better before an update removed the ability of a user to delete detailed map coverage at will! This is a significant step backwards in functionality. Now anytime you take a detailed look an area, you are stuck with all that data taking up storage space on your device. It is always a bad sign when a company starts removing functionality from an App. Buyers beware!!

Got app working

Works great an happy now and recommend to anyone with craft on lake, river, open water.

Works well

Good thing I didn't listen to all the negative reviews. Works well.


Not working on 4s iOS5

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